Making Wax Paper Backgrounds for your Altered Book


These wax paper backgrounds are easy, economical and attractive.

altered book background
One side of this spread is unfinished so you can see the background.
How to Do It

It couldn't be easier. Take some waxed paper. Smear a bit of color on it -- paint, dye, ink, metallic rub ons, decorator chalk, etc.

If you want to get fancy, you could also add some glitter. The glitter glue would be easiest, but you could do it by applying glue and sprinkling with glitter if you prefer.

When your color is dry, crumple the paper into a ball. Fallen it out. Crumble again and flatten again.

Glue your background to the altered book page. You can either glue it as a large block or tear it into smaller pieces and glue the small pieces randomly.

If you are a rubber stamper, here's an easy way. When you stamp, place a layer of wax paper on your work area. This will protect your counter top from dyes and inks. Save the paper and use it until it is well stained. Then crumple (if desired) and glue to your altered book. I prefer to tear my paper into smaller pieces before gluing, but that's a personal preference.

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