Tips from Altered Book Artists

If you have have a tip for making altered books, please send it to muse (at) (Just remove the (at) and replace it with an @ sign).

Please be sure to let me know whether you want me to include your name and a link to your web site or blog. Without your permission, I won't use your name.

Tip #1:
Thank you for all the wonderful tips and pointers! I have gleened much info here. I teach middle school art and always do an altered book with the kiddos that they work on throughout the semester. We use rubber cement for our incorporated text projects and it works great! They use a toothpick to mask the text they want to save, then paint a design over the top. When dry they roll the rubber cement off with a finger and voila! --- Leslie Booth
Tip #2:
Here is a tip that some of you might like to try. Decorated coffee sleeves (i.e.the cardboard holders used in coffee shops) as well as personalized koozies (thermal covers for bottles and cans) both make interesting tip-ins or pockets when inserted in an altered book. Attach them, decorate them and tuck a tag or other small item inside. --- June Campbell

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