How to Add a Tipin to your Altered Books


Altered book artists sometimes add tipins to their books.

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This is a bookbinding technique meaning "tipping in" an extra page or image to an existing book.

Of course, when altered book artists use this technique, it could be a page they want to add -- or it could be a photograph, a piece of card stock, a piece of stiff fabric, or anything else that they can get to work. Also, the tipin might not be the same size or shape as the pages in the existing book.

book with photograph tipped in
Blocked and mounted photograph is tipped in
another view of the tipped in photograph

In the pictures to the left, I have mounted a photograph on card stock, blocked it with colors that match the layout, and tipped it into the book.

To attach the addition, I applied a strip of double sided tape along the left side of the card stock. I attached it so I could bend the tape over the edge, allowing a strip of "sticky" to run along each side of the left end. Then I asked a friend to hold the book wide open so I could position and shove the tipin into the book. When using double sided sticky tape, you have only one chance to get it right, so position carefully before you proceed.

Other methods of attaching include a thin layer of glue running along the left side, sewing, stapling, or anything else that gets the element to stay in place.

There are no rules, remember? If it works, it works.

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