Tag Art for your Altered Book


Tag art is all the rage. Altered tags are great embellishments for altered books, journals, scrapbooking, cards, stamping projects and so on.

cover of book decorated with tag art

To incorporate tag art, you will need --- TAGS!

There are various approaches to acquiring tags -- all of them quite simple.

  • Purchase them ready cut and ready decorated. Tags are available at scrapbooking stores and at arts and craft stores such as Michaels. This is the most expensive method and the least creative -- but sometimes you're in a hurry, or maybe you see a perfect tag for your layout.

  • Purchase shipping tags at office supply stores like Staples, and decorate them yourself. This is both economical and creative. However, the tags are limited in size, shape and color, and might not suit what you have in mind.
  • Make your own tag art using card stock and a rubber stamp. Various stamping companies sell tag stamps in an array of shapes and sizes. Some have background decoration.

  • Cut your own using templates. I sometimes use wooden tags purchased at Michaels. You find them in the section where they sell small wooden shapes and items suitable for painting and decorating. These items make excellent templates for tags and for other shapes as well.

  • Cut your own tags without a template. Cut a rectangular piece of card stock in the size you want your tag to be. To shape the end, cut a small triangle away from one corner on the narrow end. Take the triangular piece that you have cut off, turn it over then position it against the other corner on the same, narrow end. Using the triangle as a guide, cut an identical piece off the second corner. You now have two equal corners. Punch a hole in the middle using a push pin or a hole puncher.

Decorate your tag art as desired. You are limited only by your imagination. Think fabric, ribbon, paint, beads, glitter, stamped images, transparencies, eyelets, buttons, photographs, pictures, ink, punch art, papers, stickers .....

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