Working with Books with Special Shapes


Some books, especially children's board books, come in special shapes. These specially shaped books provide opportunity for creativity. Think outside the box and you have a unique project.

I made the altered book below using a children's board book. It had a circular arc on top. The bottom of the pages and covers had rounded corners.

Each inside layout contained a door that opened.

The Book

This altered book was for a swap. The theme was a house shaped garden book. I used corrugated card stock to fashion a simple roof on the top. I wanted the book to resemble a weather beaten garden shed.

This is what I came up with. I distressed everything to create the image of a weather beaten old shack.

outside covered of altered book with house shape
altered board book fanned open to display doors
inside layouts of altered board book with house shape

Materials for this Altered Board Book

1 board book. This one has six pages.

1 foam brush

white acrylic gesso, opaque


card stock, cream colored

card stock, corrugated (or simulate a corrugated design by dry embossing)

scrapbook paper, several different papers that go well together

strong adhesive. I used Zip Dry Glue.

photographs of gardens

other images or clip art

miscellaneous embellishments as desired

Video Demonstration of the Specially Shaped Altered Book

I made a video demonstrating how I turned this specially shaped board book into a house shaped project. My finished project is a hybrid. It is definitely an altered book but it also has elements of scrapbooking and art journaling.

It is definitley a mixed media project. In addition to the book itself, and the paper and card stock, you will find marble-like rocks, wooden alphabet blocks, beads, metal charms and sapes, chains, wire embellishments, boshers, clip art, photographs, die cuts, punched shapes, raffia, pressed flowers, a celophane envelope, ribbon, embroidery cotton, stamped images, burlap,garden cord,and tiny plastic bottles.

In any case, here is the video which shows it better than I can explain:

Do you think it resembles a garden shed?

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