Using a Shadow Box in an Altered Book


A shadow box is much the same as a niche in an altered book.

The four pictures shown here are one take on putting a shadow box in an altered book. Rather than making a square or a rectangle, I cut two shadow boxes in the shape of a woman's shoe.

What is a Shadow Box

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A shadow box, when used in an altered book, is a "hole" cut through several pages. The hole can be filled with small items or pictures.

The altered book above was made for a swap. The assignment was to create a shadow box with the theme, "Where in the World is Dorothy?".

My shadow boxes represent Dorothy's ruby red slipper. I drew a shoe shape on scrap paper, then used that template to cut the shadow box. I cut the box with a utility knife and smoothed out the edges using a rotary tool much like a Dremel.

I lined the shadow boxes with red paper and filled with images, buttons, beads and a sound button that plays Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

I decorated the front and back covers of the book with scrapbook paper and added titles using alphabet stickers on the front and die cut alphabets on the back.

I fastened the book together with a ribbon and a clip.

I was interested in the shoe shaped pages that I had cut to make the shadow boxes. I decided to use some of them to make a sort of bookmark. I coloured the top "shoe" with red artist chalk. I then sprayed it with Rainbow Mist. I fastened the pages together by punching a hole and inserting a binder ring. The binder ring slipped inside the ribbon nicely.

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