Making a Mini Book Using Altered Coin Envelopes


This delightful mini book uses altered coin envelopes. My book is called "Five Things I Love About You." It makes a super gift for a child or sweetheart.

Naturally, you can title it and decorate it any way you want.

Buy coin envelopes at Staples or at any store selling stationary products. I used these: Columbian(R) Small Open-End #3 Envelopes, 2 1/2in. x 4 1/4in., Manila, Box Of 500

This is the completed book
This is the completed book.
This is the book wide open
This shows the book when it is wide open
This shows the  book with a tag partially inserted
This shows the book with a tag partially inserted
This is a side view
This is a side view
This is completed book with tags
Completed book with tags

Supplies for your Mini Book

  1. 5 coin envelopes with the flaps cut off.
  2. 10 rectangles of card stock, 4 inches by 2.5 inches each. To be used for tags.
  3. 2 rectangles for covers, 4.75 inches by 3 inches each. Use stiffer material such as book board or shapes cut from the tougher covers used on notebooks. I don't know what they call it. No doubt you know what I mean.
  4. 2 rectangles cut from scrapbook paper, 5.5 inches by 4 inches each. To be used to cover the stiffer covers.
  5. Rubber stamps for decorating. Optional.
  6. Stamping Ink or other substance for distressing. Optional.
  7. Miscellaneous scrap paper and card stock for decorating tags and front cover
  8. 5 strips of scrapbook paper, approximately 2 inches by ½ inch. To be used for pull tags.
  9. Eyelets and eyelet puncher and setter
  10. 5 brads to attach the pull tags to the tags
  11. Miscellaneous embellishments, including fibre or ribbon
  12. Adhesives and cutting tools

Method for Making Your Mini Book

  1. With your stamping ink, distress around the edges of the five coin envelopes
  2. Align the coin envelopes on top of each other, openings facing up.
  3. Glue the envelopes together, using a strip of adhesive running vertically from the bottom of each envelope to about half way up.
  4. Prepare the covers by centering each stiff cover piece over a scrapbook paper rectangle. Fold the scrapbook paper over, wrapping the hard cover. You don't have to cover the entire back area because you will be glueing the coin envelopes there. Mitre corners if desired. Glue down.
  5. Punch an eyelet hole and set an eyelet at the front center of each cover, close to the end. Your ribbon or fibre will thread through this eyelet and can be tied if desired.
  6. Decorate the front cover as desired.
  7. Assemble your mini book, placing the top cover on top of the glued-together envelopes, and the bottom cover underneath. Align the covers and the envelopes so the bottoms are even. The covers should be somewhat longer than the envelopes in front. Glue down.

Assembling the Tags for the Mini Book:

  1. Using the stamping ink, distress one side of all ten tag rectangles
  2. Place two tag rectangles together, distressed sides facing outwards. Trim the top to make a tagb shape. Use this tag as the template for trimming the other tags.
  3. Fold each of the tag-pull rectangles in half horizontally. Place over the pointy end of ONE tag with the folded side sticking out. You will use this to pull the tag out of the envelopes later. Attach the pull tag to ONE tag using a brad.
  4. Glue a second tag over the back side of the first tag, covering the brad's hooks.
  5. Make the other four tags the same way.
  6. Using stickers, rubber stamps, or hand lettering, number the bottom ends of the tags (1,2,3,4,5)
  7. Decorate each tag as desired, leaving space for journalling.
  8. Journal on each tag. If you're going with the "Five Things I Love About You" theme, write one item on each tag.
  9. Slip tags in envelopes in numerical order.
  10. Run fibre or ribbon through each eyelet. Use the ribbon to tie your mini book closed, if desired.

You'll find instructions for other mini books using altered coin envelopes at this link.

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