Masking Text in your Altered Book


Masking text is a technique that allows you to protect selected areas of text when you are painting a page in an altered book.

After all, one of the coolest things about altering a book is the way you incorporate various components of the original book into your art.

For example, perhaps you want to paint a page, but it contains words, sentences, paragraphs or pictures that you would like to use in your layout.

The solution is to mask the text with something while you paint. When the paint is dry, remove the mask.

I have two favorite ways of masking.

The first method uses painters tape. Sold at hardware stores or paint shops, painters tape is used to protect wallboard and such when you are painting. It works well for masking in an altered book, but I suggest doing a test strip first. Brittle or delicate pages may experience some ripping when you remove the tape.

The second method involves cutting a mask out of card stock or other paper. Attach it with a temporary or repositional glue, like Hermafix tapes. Be sure the edges are taped down firmly before you paint. Remove after the paint has dried.

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