Print on Tissue Paper for your Altered Books and Hobby and Craft Projects


Did you know you can print on tissue paper and napkins for great effects for your hobby and craft projects? printing on tissue paperTissue printing is particularly nice in altered books.

In the image to the left, I printed a map on tissue paper, and then incorporated it as a background in an altered book. The tissue paper I used was in a shoe box, and is watermarked throughout with Rockport's logo.

You can print on tissue paper and napkins of any color, design, variety and delicacy for your hobby and craft projects. Color is a consideration, however, since the image you want to print must show up on the tissue paper.

Printing on tissue paper is remarkably easy to do when you follow this simple technique using freezer paper, of all things.

How to Print on Tissue Paper and Napkins

You will need napkins or tissue paper, freezer paper (available in any supermarket), an iron, something you want to print, and a bubble-jet printer. I do not know whether a laser printer will work for this, as I have not tried.

  1. Heat your iron to a medium temperature. Place your tissue paper on the shiny side of the freezer paper. Test a small piece before ironing, and adjust the heat accordingly. When ready, iron the entire surface. The tissue will adhere firmly to the freezer paper.
  2. Cut your freezer paper/tissue paper into a size that will go through your printer.
  3. Print your image onto the freezer paper/tissue paper in the usual way.
  4. Carefully peel off the freezer paper. This is the most delicate part of the operation, since the tissue can tear. When the freezer paper is removed, you are rewarded with tissue paper containing your printed image.
  5. Attach the tissue to your altered book or your hobby and craft project.

Using Tissue Printing in an Altered Book

Use it for background paper, for a tip-in page, or to create special embellishments.

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