Using Ephemera in Altered Books and Collages


According to one dictionary, ephemera is 1 : something of no lasting significance -- usually used in plural;2 ephemera plural : collectibles (as posters, broadsides, and tickets) not intended to have lasting value.

It might be garbage to most people, but it's a precious treasure to altered book artists.

We scrounge shamelessly. We have been known to enlist our friends and family in the never-ending hunt for emphera.

Some items that I have known altered book artists to include in their collages include: ticket stubs, pamphlets, brochures, junk mail, postage stamps, labels from almost anthing, string, ribbon, twine, dried leaves, pill bottles, spices and herbs, tea bags, speaker cable, wire, mesh, fabric, post cards, greeting cards, programs, business cards, candy wrappers, computer disks, CDs, animal hair, human hair, seashells, pieces of wood and bark, pebbles, sand, feathers ....

Look around the room. What items do you see that can be altered or included in a layout? Think outside the box.

Not long ago, I bought an Asian pear -- one of those apple-like fruits that comes wrapped in a white mesh coat. I painted the white mesh with copper Luminiere paint. It was a gorgeous addition to an altered book.

There's not much more I can say about ephemera -- except to urge you to check out Claudine Hellmuth's new book, pictured above. Claudine is greatly admired by many altered book artists.

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