One Way to Put a Drawer in an Altered Book


Putting a drawer in an altered book gives you a delightful space to tuck a secret treasure. A drawer is simply a niche with a box-like form tucked inside that can be pulled out.

I made the project below for a swap in a swap group. The terms of the swap were to make an altered book with a drawer -- and the theme was to be Romantic Era.

When I had made my drawer, I printed a love poem onto vellum paper and rolled it using strips of black lace and ribbon. The poem was How do I Love Thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Of course, it would be much nicer if you wrote your own poem, right?

Pictures of Altered Book

altered book top view

Book's Top View

altered book showing drawer

Book with Drawer on Side

altered book back cover

Book Back Cover


One old book with sturdy spine

Box or tin to use as drawer

1 or 2 craft knives or Xacto Knives

Acrylic medium for gluing pages together, such as this brand: Acrylic Gloss Medium & Varnish 8 oz. jar

Black acrylic paint


Large bead or similar to form knob on drawer
Glue for attaching decorative elements. (I used Zip Dry).

Foam brush or similar

Decorative papers. I used Graphics 45

Embellishments as desired

Clamps to hold the book shut during cutting and drying(optional but recommended)

Vellum for printing poem

Video Directions for Making the Book with Drawer

The video below demonstrates how I made the drawer and put it in the book.

Tips for Making a Drawer

As you see in the video, my original drawer did not fit after the glue dried. Since it was a box top made from light card board, I was able to cut it and reassemble it.

If you are using a tin or something heavier, this would not have worked. In that case, I would suggest covering the tin with resist paper or parchment paper, and placing it in the niche before drying. That way, when dry, you can remove the tin to decorate it and then replace it knowing it will fit okay.

Whichever method you use, I would recommend making the niche a little larger than the drawer. When you paint or other wise decorate the drawer, it will be a little larger.

About the Little Altered Shoe

The little shoe on top is a wedding favor that I decorated with alcohol ink and fiber. The detailed instructions are at this link: Altered Wedding Favor Shoes.

You can purchase the wedding favor shoes at Amazon at this link: wedding favor shoes

This altered book would make a nice gift for Valentine's Day, especially if you tucked a hand written poem into the drawer (or perhaps a diamond bracelet!)

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