Burnished Velvet Glitter Technique


You can make your own original and beautiful embellishments for your altered books using this burnished velvet glitter technique.

tag decorated with the burnished velvet glitter technique
embelishment decorated with the burnished velvet glitter technique
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About Burnished Velvet Technique

This technique uses glitter and double sided sticky tape to create wonderful embellishments or trims for your altered books and for other arts and crafts projects. A pair of Canadian women living in Vancouver, Canada developed this project. Thanks to Haroldine Wingfield and Deanna Pannell for their creativity. They sell glitter and tape that go wonderfully well together, but you can achieve similar results using other types of tape and glitter.

You can create simple but elegant designs, or you can create beautifully intricate and complex designs, depending on your wants and your willingness to experiment.

You Will Need:

  • Ultrafine, opaque glitter
  • Double sided, sticky tape
  • A brush for removing specks of glitter
  • Resist paper, saved from the backing on double sided tape, stickers, your Xyron adhesive, etc.
  • Optional shapes, such as die cuts or shapes cut with a craft punch

Video Tutorial of Burnished Velvet Technique

This video demonstrates a tag with a simple burnished velvet design made from two colors of glitter, and a more complex design created with multiple colors of glitter and several masked shapes.

If you would like additional tips for working with burnished velvet, please refer to the PDF file on I'm Impressed Paper Arts web site. This is a local craft store that markets the tape and glitter that I used in the video demo.

For a different application of this technique, please check out this video showing a greeting card made with the burnished velvet technique. This is a simpler version using transparent glitter over a colorful image.

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