A brayer is a craft tool resembling a paint roller in appearance. Altered book artists use it to spread paint, dyes, or stamping inks. We also use these tools to burnish pages that we are gluing together.

These rollers come in various sizes and degrees of hardness.

A plain rubber roller will create solid backgrounds rather than patterned.

Rollers made of hard rubber are ideal for burnishing glued pages.

Foam rollers are used with stencils, cutouts, printmaking and other water-based painting and printing techniques. They can produce effects similar to airbrush, spatter, stipple, and dry-brush.

The Ranger Inky Roller Brayer, Medium 3-5/16-Inch in the picture above is for sale at Amazon.

You can also get brayers in ultra soft rubber. If you are clever enough, you can carve a pattern in them to create continuous designs when inked. I am not yet at the point of carving my own designs.

If you are daunted, as I am, by the prospect of carving your own pattern, you can buy the tool complete with pre-carved patterns. Use them to create your own patterned backgrounds or papers using inks, paints, and dyes. Usually, you purchase a handle separately, and purchase your pre-carved patterned rollers as you see fit.

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