How to Make an Altered Bag Book


These little altered bag books are so cute. I made this one for a fine young man named Riley who had just had a sixth birthday party.

bag book front
This is the front cover
bag book inside layout
A double page spread
bag book pocket
The inside of the bags form pockets
bag book insert
This is an insert for one of the pockets
bag book back
This is the back cover

List of Supplies

3 brown paper lunch bags
3 large eyelets or brads
decorative papers or card stock
cutting tools


1. Fold the lunch bags in half, so the bag end and the bag opening are lined up. Flatten.

2. Assemble the three bags on top of each other, lining up the folded ends. Flatten. This creates the book's signatures.

3. Glue or otherwise attach a strip or ribbon running vertically down the front "cover" of the book, close to the folded ends. This will become the bag book's spine.

3. Poke three evenly spaced holes along the ribbon, going through the ribbon and through all pages of the book.

4. Insert eyelets or brads through the holes.

5. On the back cover, attach a strip of ribbon vertically, covering up the back of the eyelets or brads.

6. Decorate the rest of the book as desired. The fronts and backs of the folded bags become the book's pages. The bags' openings become envelopes where you can tuck goodies and surprises.

tip Try to find sturdy lunch bags, especially if this book bag is a gift for a child. Eager little fingers can easily tear the bags as they rip out the inserts.

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