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Arts and Crafts : Techniques Used in Making Altered Books

OR How do I do That?

Artists involved in arts and crafts discover this art form and adapt their skills to making altered books. Sometimes, like me, they find that making altered books calls for unfamiliar techniques.

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You might find answers to your specific questions about arts and crafts techniques in the links below.

  1. Accordion Books. How do I make accordion pages or booklets?
  2. Aging paper. How do I make my pages and elements look old?
  3. Alcohol Ink. How do I make backgrounds or glass slides colored with alcohol ink?
  4. Altered art. What other types of altered art can I make?
  5. Altered Art Techniques in Scrapbooking Adapting altered art techniques to use in scrapbooks
  6. Altered CDs. How do I alter CDs and incorporate them into an altered book?
  7. Altered CD books. How do I make a CD book?
  8. Altered Photographs. How do I alter photos for my altered book?
  9. Altered Bag Book. How do I make an altered bag book?
  10. Altered Wall Hanging from Packaging Material. How didI make a wall hanging from altered packaging material?
  11. Bleaching. How do I create special effects with household bleach?
  12. Board Book. How do I work with a board book?
  13. Book Sculpture. How do I make a book sculpture?
  14. Burning paper. How do I burn paper to create special effects?
  15. Burnished Velvet Glitter Technique. How do I make colorful embellishhments from glitter?
  16. Candle Wax
  17. Copyright free Images. How do I find them?
  18. Copyright issues. What must I know about copyright?
  19. Circle Books. How do I cut a circle book? What about other shapes like triangles, flowers, wings, etc?
  20. Coptic Stitch. What is it and how do I do it? How do I make a hand made art journal with coptic binding?
  21. Drawers. How do I make a drawer for an altered book?
  22. Dried flowers and leaves. How do I dry them, then add them to an altered book?
  23. Found Poetry. What is the found poetry technique and how do I do it?
  24. Image transfers. How do I transfer images?
  25. Masking text. How do I paint over a page but allow some parts of the text to remain visible?
  26. Marbling paper
  27. Mini Books Using Coin Envelopes. How do I alter coin envelopes to make a mini accordian book?
  28. More Mini Books Using Coin Envelopes. This one uses tag art.
  29. Mounting Rubber Stamps. Save money by buying them unmounted, then mount your own.
  30. Niches. How do I create niches, and why should I?
  31. Odors and Smells. How to get rid of musty, mouldy smells in old books.
  32. Paper castings.
    How do I make embellishments from tissue and toilet paper?
  33. Paste Papers. What is this and how do I make them?
  34. Peeling Paint How do I do the Peeling Paint technique, and how do I incorporate it in an altered book?
  35. Pockets. How to make pockets.
  36. Popups. How do I make various types of pop-ups in my altered book?
  37. Sandwich paper. How do I use sandwich paper?
  38. Sewing and Quilting. How can I sew and quilt in an altered book?
  39. ShadowBoxes. Can I put a shadow box in an altered book?
  40. Shaker Boxes. What are they and how do I make them?
  41. Special Shapes. How do I work with books with special shapes?
  42. Skeleton Leaves. How do I make them?
  43. Spinners and twisters. How do I make something spin or twist?
  44. Tag art. How do I cut and decorate tags to use in my projects?
  45. Tipins. How do I add additional pages to a book?
  46. Tinted Photographs. How do I duplicate those lovely old tinted photographs for my altered book??
  47. Tissue Paper. How do I use tissue paper in my books?
  48. Printing on tissue paper and napkins. How do I print on delicate tissue?
  49. Removing shine. How do I remove the shine from transfers, pages or other elements?
  50. Working with Vellum. What do I need to know about printing, embossing and attaching vellum?
  51. Wacom tablets. What are they and how do I use one in an altered book?
  52. Waxed Paper Backgrounds. How do I make waxed paper backgrounds for my altered books or other arts and crafts projects?
  53. Windows and doors. How do I make them?
  54. Wood collages. Tips for using wood in an altered book.

If you have one or more arts and crafts techniques that you would like to contribute, please click on the Feedback button above, and leave a message in the form provided.

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