Angel Stamps


Angel stamps are rubber stamps that you are permitted to use in arts and craft projects that you intend to sell.

If you live in the US, is one of the best places to purchase rubber stamps and other craft supplies. The prices are great and they have a large selection.

Please note that copyright policies can vary from company to company. Therefore, it is important to check with each angel company individually. Some companies, for example, permit you to sell products which you have hand stamped, but not the sale of products that are mass produced, or produced through mechanical or digital reproduction.

If a company does not indicate that it is an angel company, you will need to communicate with that company to discuss its copyright policy. (Copyright is protected by legislation, and violation can result in legal consequences.)

Please note that this applies only to projects that you intend to sell. You can use any stamp that you buy for personal use.

Links to Companies that offer Angel Stamps.

Old Island Stamp Company This Canadian angel company ships internationally, and sells at very reasonable prices.

Valuable copyright information for collage artists and those doing altered book art.

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