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June Campbell So you want to know about this site and about me! Well, here goes!

I'm June Campbell, and I live in Vancouver, Canada. I built this web site as an aid to both new and experienced altered book artists. A newcomer to altered book art myself, I'm creating the site that I wished I could have found when I was struggling to make sense of it all.

I discovered altered books through scrapbooking. I still enjoy making scrapbooks and memory books for myself and for friends. However, I find more opportunity for artistic freedom when working on altered books.

Like many others, I incorporate a variety of crafts into both my scrapbooks and altered books -- rubber stamping, embossing, quilling, origami, punch art, pergamano, teabag folding, and more.

Although I am new to altered books, I am not new to web develpment. I have owned and operated my own Internet business since 1996.

This site was created originally with a product called Site-Build-It (SBI). SBI makes it easy for anybody -- and I mean anybody -- to build a web site with good content, and to make that site attractive to the search engines. No technology skills needed!

I'd almost say my cat could create a good web site with SBI, but that could be a bit of an exaggeration!

If you are interested in creating your own web site, here’s the link to the SBI software that makes it possible:
Click here to visit SBI

If you have comments, feedback, or want to contribute a craft technique or two, please click on the Feedback button above, and leave a message in the form provided.

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