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A Cyber Home for the Altered Book Artist

layout from an altered book

If you are, or want to be, an altered book artist, then this site is for you.

But first, the basic question:

Q: What is an altered book?
A: It's a book that has been altered in some way.

You take an old book and add your own art work. You might cut niches, add pictures or images, draw, paint, chalk, add fiber, ribbon, lace, ephemera, beads - or anything you want. You might opt to incorporate words, text, or images from the existing book, or you might not. It's your choice. There are no rules.

When I made my first AB in early 2003, I had no idea what I was doing. I wished for a web site that would give me the information I needed, in an easily located, straight-forward manner. When I didn't find what I needed, I decided to create an online resource for other altered book artists.

You'll find techniques, tips, how-to information, links to altered book resources, product information, and a whole lot more on this site.

This site doesn't purport to tell you how to create art. Many site visitors will be far more creative and artistic than I can ever hope to be.

Rather, this site helps you with the techniques and skills that you need to assemble your book. Your muse provides the inspiration.

As for locating old books, you can find them anywhere-- yard sales, your library book sale, second hand stores, begged from friends or old text books, for example.

If you have comments, feedback, a technique to contribute or a link to add, I'd love to hear from you.